Mondo is celebrating LAIKA Animation Studios with releases of CORALINE & PARANORMAN soundtracks on deluxe limited edition vinyl.

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Tumblr, I need your help.






Recently, I’ve found out I need life-saving surgery done to my mouth, and it’s rather costly.

I’m trying to raise $10,000, the cost of what needs to be done, as soon as possible.

here is the link to the gofundme that I’ve started to try to help. It includes more information about what I need. If you don’t feel comforatble donating, keep an eye out. I’ll be updating this post with my redbubble account, so you’ll be able to buy something and know that you’re helping to save my life. If you can’t donate, or don’t wish to buy anything, can I ask that you spread the word? Thank you for your time.

Guys, please, PLEASE take a moment to read and consider helping my dear dear friend! Every cent counts and it is so, SO appreciated! This is a time-constrained matter so please do not hesitate if you have some spare change! His life is at stake here!

Hey guys, just a general reminder to please be reserved and polite about people who have concerns with our fundraising for Nee; where it is startling or hurtful considering the situation, they do have the right to be worried about these sorts of things because it is money that is being passed around here and after DashCon it’s a little understandable that some suspicion will arise here and there.

If you do feel the need to consult someone about the situation please try to do it on an ask or a personal level and be polite and don’t attack anyone. I’m as stressed out as you about this but that doesn’t mean we should be biting ankles okay? 

No stakes pointed at anyone here, just a general announcement because I figured this would be something that would happen at some point and where the doubt is upsetting it’s no reason to get mad. In the meantime I’ll assure anyone who reblogs this with concern in the future that this is a very real situation where we, Nee’s friends, are also doing what we can to shove this money forward, including fundraisers through art and he is also making himself a redbubble to raise money for himself as well (stated on his GoFundMe).

I am also happy to do sketches for donations of $5 or more that can be proven (with a paypal receipt screencapped or if you wrote your Tumblr username as the donation name. 

We’ve breached a 10th of the way with our fundraiser donations on the side (350+800! Hooray!)! But there’s still a long way to go! Thank you everyone and keep boosting if you can!

500+850! More progress!

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I must make my colors even more annoying and vibrant


I must make my colors even more annoying and vibrant

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why are people so worried about if feminism hates men and not worried about how men virulently and violently hate women and commit acts of violence against them

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i was playing spore and


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X Sean

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